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There are many different types of consulting companies that offer various software expertise.  See below for different type of consulting companies you may need for marketing automation.

Vendor Specific Solution Partners – Once specific software is selected as the marketing solution, then you may like to work with a solution partner that has been trained on the product and product implementation.  Many software companies offer a certificate program to validate the completion of product training.

Software Integration Service Companies – They have experience in integrating CRM system with other software.   Their expertise is application programming to link two systems through API programming or customization code.  While any company with years of integration experience is qualified for the job, it is better to check whether the consulting company has a specific experience integrating with your CRM solution and marketing automation software.

Industry Specific Consulting Firms – They serve clients to implement industry-specific and business-support processes and build expertise over years by serving clients in the same industry.  If your market has unique business challenges or special business needs, this type of companies will serve you best in selecting software and implementation service.

Tell us about your company and ask us about what types of partner you are looking for.   We will help find a vendor for you.

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