Best for: Enterprise Sized Businesses (B2B or B2C)

Campaign Management Features

Distributed/Local Marketing Management, Collaborative Marketing Workflow, Digital Asset Management, Marketing Collateral Customization, Marketing Storefront and e-Commerce, Marketing Automation. Better brand management, Faster speed to market with critical ad messages, Simplified content creation workflow, More market relevant communication, Easy-to-use Internet-based ad builder technology with approver functionality, Automated JDF workflow.Marketing Asset Management, Digital Asset Management. Collateral Customization, Marketing Process Automation, Marketing Resource Management, Campaign Planner, Calendaring, Distributed Marketing Management, Always-Connected Communication, Idea Center Concept Sharing. And Dealer, Agency and Vendor Management.

Lead Management Features

Lead management would be done with a separate interface.

Contact Management

Contact interface would be done with a separate interface.

Campaign Measurement

Utilization Reporting, Corporate marketing views, Distributed network roll-ups, Team and global management. Commit, forecasts, scenarios. Analytics and reporting on major assets, indicators, dealers, agencies, vendors.

Sales Enablement

Sales enablement would be done with a separate interface.

Other Notable Features

Platform is exclusively for enterprise level clients. It is for management of cross platform, cross on-line/off-line shops, and full scale reporting, brand, and global integration.


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