Best for: Medium to Large Sized Businesses with/without CRM (*E-tail included*)

Campaign Management Features

Tracks tasks, manages workflow, sends alerts and tracks costs back to budget. Out-of-the-box reports for essential metrics such as marketing campaign ROI and open rates. Management of communications across channels.

Lead Management Features

Design and execute personalized campaigns; collect responses and inbound data; automatically fulfill collateral requests; and update profiles in a central data mart. Tracks, scores and ranks leads, routes hot leads to sales with CRM/SFA.

Contact Management

CRM integration (all major vendors included and custom options/integrations available), message storage and metrics, unified database of contacts/leads/customers. Customer and prospect information storage through surveys, viral marketing and referrals.

Campaign Measurement

Integrated reporting, overall budgeting reporting and management, CRM sales integration.

Sales Enablement

Match the contact to a central customer database using email, phone number or some other unique identifier. Render offer for the appropriate channel (email, telephone, Web, etc.). Present the offer to the customer service representative as appropriate.

Other Notable Features

B2C features as well as common long sales cycle ones.


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