Best for: Large to Enterprise Businesses with CRM

Campaign Management Features

Multi-channel management (messaging, landing page, site), marketing asset management (manage files, notifications), social media integration (monitoring and control), event marketing integration

Lead Management Features

Lead generation features, lead nurturing (automated rules over a variety of asset interaction points), lead scoring, lead database management.

Contact Management

CRM integration (all major vendors included and custom options/integrations available), email/lead database integration and management, contact information integration and metrics.

Campaign Measurement

Success Path Analyzer, Program Effectiveness Analyzer, Opportunity Influence Analyzer, Revenue Cycle Explorer, Revenue Cycle Modeler, Analytics Engine

Sales Enablement

Deepest integration with of anything available. Best Bets and Watch List, Behavior Tracking, Mobile Access, Insight to Action information, Anonymous Web Traffic Analysis

Other Notable Features

Zero downtime network (powered by Rackspace), Native solution, Marketed for its ease and scalability and boasts high sales figures.


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