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For Industries With Lead Cycles

Most Marketing Automation Software focuses on lead management and generation at some level. If you are looking for marketing automation software for e-commerce or e-sales sites, please check out our E-commerce page.

Alsa Marketing

Track and measure all your marketing channels in one place. No more silo marketing. Nurture and score your leads to increase lead conversion and quality. Make smart and informed marketing decisions. Drive revenue using predictable, repeatable and automated marketing campaigns. Generate quality sales ready leads.


Build and manage your database, efficiently execute campaigns, score and route leads to sales and measure marketing’s impact on your business – all in a single platform. With that Eloqua offers elegant contact management, campaign management, lead management, and marketing measurement.


The Genius Platform provides Marketers from any size organization with easy-to-use and deploy Marketing 2.0 capabilities every business needs. From Email Marketing to Internet Marketing to Marketing Automation, Genius provides solutions right-sized to your budget and marketing requirements.


Marketo’s Lead Management gives Marketers the power and flexibility to automate demand generation campaigns and deliver high quality leads with less effort. Sales Insight helps Sales understand, prioritize and interact with the hottest leads and opportunities to close more business faster. Revenue Cycle Analytics enables marketers to measure, optimize, and forecast the revenue cycle and, though an understanding that these processes take place over time, gain an insight into performance based on past results and future projections. Together, these cloud-based SaaS solutions help marketing and sales teams at mid-size and global enterprise companies shorten revenue cycles, demonstrate marketing ROI, and ignite explosive revenue growth.


Neolane’s conversational marketing technology encompasses all the essentials marketers need to plan, create, execute and measure marketing activities. Applications in the platform include Neolane Social Marketing, enables marketers to engage in one-to-one customer dialogues with fans and followers within social media including Facebook and Twitter. Neolane Campaign, for creating and executing cross-channel marketing communications. Neolane Leads, for automating lead generation, scoring, routing and nurturing. Neolane MRM, to help marketers create plans and manage costs and resources. Neolane Interaction, for coordinating inbound and outbound activity and offers. Neolane Message Center, for coordinating real-time, high-volume communications and transactional messages, automatically.


Pardot Marketing Automation is a cloud-based solution that shows your sales team exactly where to spend its time in order to maximize ROI. Advanced micro-level web analytics allows Pardot to capture all relevant prospect activities, both on and off your site, and help you determine who is showing the most buying signals. CRM integration, prospect tracking, automated nurturing, and other powerful features make Pardot a must-have for B2B sales organizations.


Saepio empowers marketers to plan and execute meaningful and engaging marketing campaigns across distributed networks and around the globe – ensuring local relevance, brand consistency, speed to market and significant cost savings. Saepio’s key product features include: Digital Asset Management, manage your brand using a single asset repository; Collateral Customization, empower local marketers to create locally relevant, yet on-brand print ads, flyers, HTML emails, and more; Marketing Automation, streamline repetitive and time-consuming marketing tasks; Marketing Storefront, provide a single storefront with an intuitive interface that local marketers can access for all of their marketing needs.


Silverpop’s on-demand digital marketing platform helps marketers succeed in turning prospects into customers—and customers into fans—through the creation, automation and delivery of relevant, multichannel messaging. Companies rely on the Silverpop Engage platform to create and manage sophisticated email marketing campaigns that reach millions of individuals—one at a time—engaging prospective customers and enhancing lifetime customer value and brand loyalty.





ConversionSweeper helps clients implement cost effective digital marketing strategies with streamlined lead tracking and management, ad spending optimization and accurate ROI tracking.