Mission for CMO

Mission for CMO to Search for the Best Marketing Software

Marketing in the 21st century produces more challenges in times past as marketing venues diversify. Marketing officers must use creative means to adapt to those changes and build brand awareness for their companies.

Research done by Forbes Insights in 2010 suggests some factors that will directly impact how marketing officers implement their marketing plans going forward and influence the decision making for purchasing marketing software.

Forbes Insights offered some key research findings:

  • Online marketing venues will experience significant increases in budgets.
  • Marketers are making more decisions based on online data.
  • Marketers are asked to understand the influence of their campaigns beyond sales or conversion.
  • Marketers are not clear on what tools are best suited to achieve their objectives.

Addressing these marketing needs means a chief marketing officer (CMO) and the rest of the management staff must search for the best marketing software to get the job done. Acquiring high quality marketing automation software gives a CMO the necessary tools.

A main feature of marketing automation software is lead-to-sales management. It is useful for occasions when in-bound prospects do not respond to a follow-up call because they are not ready to make a decision yet. Marketing automation tracks leads, nurtures a lead and notifies the sales department when a status change occurs.

Another feature offered by this software is assistance to marketing officers in managing campaigns in online marketing venues and tracking performance with a common KPI.

Plenty of software is available to help marketing executives meet their goals. Using the best marketing software can fit the marketing activities and sales process with the size and budget of the company marketing team.