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Selecting the right marketing automation software

As marketing has moved from traditional channels to online, this has presented both new opportunities as well as new challenges for today’s marketer.

Online marketing provides the ability to utilize multiple channels, monitor campaign effectiveness and to quickly make changes in response. However, this ability to constantly monitor and revise presents a challenge as to how best to sift through the enormous amount of data to easily identify useful and actionable information.  Read more >>

Mission for CMO to Search for the Best Marketing Software

Marketing in the 21st century produces more challenges in times past as marketing venues diversify. Marketing officers must use creative means to adapt to those changes and build brand awareness for their companies.

Research done by Forbes Insights in 2010 suggests some factors that will directly impact how marketing officers implement their marketing plans going forward and influence the decision making for purchasing marketing software. 

B2B Marketing Automation

B2C Marketing Automation